Carving With Memories


Inspired by the homes of ancestors, Sunghwan Lee, builds a new house where he can carve his own memories.

new house

What does home mean to us in this age when memory is volatile? What is home to you?

ihyangjeong Carving with Memories: IHYANGJEONG is a documentary Quill VR animation based on the director's true story. Ihyangjeong is the 300-year-old Korean traditional house designated by the National Folklore Cultural Heritage, located in Yangdong Folk Village, where it holds irreplaceable memories, and where the director spent his youth.
deep ocean
I've had a lot of problems with my house in recent years. Questions such as 'What is home?' constantly bothered me in my head. I was fascinated by the VR 'space' I encountered at that time. I tried to express the 'space' I felt with my sense while being realistic. During the production, I became convinced that this story was my problem and universal concern and a big part of life for countless people. I hope IHYANGJEONG can reach more people, form a consensus, and continue the conversation together.
ihyangjeong poster